Double Booster Generator
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Double Booster Generator

Double booster generator adopts double pump high pressure system, whose core components adopt ultra-high performance wear resistance materials. The double supercharger can be considered when not cutting of single supercharger. The final cutting thickness of sheet metal can reach 200mm.

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Product Description

1. product presentation of Double booster generator

Water knife cutter double booster high pressure synchronous generator, including two bidirectional booster cylinders with the same structure, and two bidirectional booster cylinders are set side by side.

2. Product Parameter of Double booster generator

high-pressure system WT-7542 (Dual-pump high-pressure system)
maximum pressure 420Mpa
maximumflow 7.4L/min
System power 75KW/100HP
source 380VAC, 50HZ, 3-phase

3. Product characteristics and application of Double booster generator

Features: a thicker cutting material thickness

Application: aerospace, machinery and ship, military industry, automobile industry, electric power industry

4. Product details of Double booster generator

The common water knife cutter is generally only equipped with a booster cylinder, limited by the cylinder volume, the water knife cutter equipped with a single booster cylinder cannot increase the flow of high pressure water under the constant oil pressure. The dual booster generator is equipped with two booster cylinders to charge the flow of high pressure water, making the thickness of the cut object thicker.

5. Product qualification of Double booster generator

CE and ISO: 9001 certification

6. Delivery, transportation, and service of Double booster generator

Witt is responsible for the product packaging and delivered to the designated port according to the customer requirements, and Witt customer service staff will provide you with the most timely telephone maintenance support and technical questions.

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