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Five-axis Waterjet Cutting Machine

Kunshan Jiufeng Wit Cutting Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of water knife cutting machine equipment in China. Its five-axis water jet cutting machine is divided into AB five axis and AC five axis.Its AB five axis for small angle cutting can reach ± 10° cutting angle can achieve no taper cutting, its AC five axis water knife cutter can achieve ± 65° cutting can achieve slope cutting.

What are the advantages of the Witt Five-axis Waterjet Cutting Machine?The slope problem of water cutting is solved, and 3D cutting can be easily realized.This water knife cutter can achieve slope cutting, chamfer cutting, surface cutting, and can achieve one molding.It can improve the cutting piece section quality faster, and the unique positioning design improves the positioning accuracy and reliability.

Witt Five-axis Waterjet Cutting Machine is widely used in metal slope cutting, ceramic splicing cutting, is the choice of aerospace, rail transit, military industry, composite materials and other industries.
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