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High Pressure System

Kunshan nine abundant will cutting equipment co., LTD. For water cutting industry market demand, focus on research, bold innovation, the introduction of world-class brands of imported high pressure parts to ensure in the process of use of more stable and durable, at the same time actively introduce advanced technology, currently has the world's first-class high pressure system, performance is stable and reliable.

Witt high pressure system has three different configurations, respectively, two-way reciprocating single pressurization, two-way duplex double pressurization, direct drive pump, its maximum pressure, maximum flow and system power are different.Different high-pressure systems can be selected according to the thickness of the cutting material and the cutting environment.Among them, the thick cutting thickness of the double charging system can be used for cutting the plate above 150mm, and the direct drive pump noise and low environmental protection power saving can be used in scientific research units.

Witt high pressure system application fields: aerospace, building decoration, machinery and ship, glass industry, military industry, textile and paper industry, automobile industry, power industry, chemical industry, wood industry, advertising industry, electronics industry.
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