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Laser Cutter

In view of the demand of metal cutting market, Kunshan Jiufeng Witcutting equipment focuses on research and bold innovation, and develops single platform and double platform laser cutting machine, whose products are used in many industrial fields and mechanical equipment manufacturing fields.

The Witter laser cutter has a stable and reliable dual-drive structure with a high-precision ball screw and gear rack.Its duplex cutting bench is automatic exchange bench, while cutting on the other bench, convenient and time-saving.

Laser cutting machine is widely used in aviation, automobile, ship, equipment and other national key fields, as well as mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, elevator, advertising, home appliances, medical equipment, hardware, decoration, metal external processing services and other manufacturing industries.
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We are professional in manufacturing Laser Cutter WEITE CUTTING is one of the Laser Cutter manufacturers and suppliers. We also have in stock products that are wholesaled. You can rest assured to buy the bulk of product from us. If you want to buy customized commodity, you can get them from factory.
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