Maintenance Measures of Single Station Laser Cutting Machine


Maintenance measures of laser cutting machine
Conditions that may cause the laser to freeze
1. The temperature is below zero, there is no heating facility, and the laser stops running for a long time
2. The temperature is lower than zero, and there are heating facilities. If the heating and power supply is stopped due to the holiday, the laser will stop running for a long time.
3. The water cooler is placed outdoors
Hazards due to laser icing
The density of ice is less than that of water. Once the cooling water flowing through the core components in the laser freezes, the volume will expand, which may cause serious damage to the pipeline, which will seriously affect the safety of the core components and cause heavy losses.
1. Ensure that the ambient temperature is above 0 °C, if it cannot be done, please refer to the next one
2. Keep the laser and the water cooler on and keep the water flowing to prevent freezing.
3. Release the water in the laser and the water cooler tank, and then try to empty the water in the water cooler pipeline as much as possible.
4. Use antifreeze as the coolant. Antifreeze can prevent the coolant from freezing and bursting the laser, water pump and cutting head when the machine is shut down in cold winter.
Single Station Laser Cutting Machine
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