Reasons for the Poor Processing Effect of Laser Cutting Machine


Reasons for the poor processing effect of laser cutting machine
1. Check the focus part, the focus part will affect the laser cutting precision, especially the spot diameter at the focus point. The diameter of the focus spot should be as small as possible to create a narrow slit.
2. Set a suitable distance between the nozzle and the workpiece, too far distance will cause unnecessary waste of kinetic energy, too close will produce a strong return pressure on the lens, weaken the ability to disperse the sputtering cutting product spots, and reduce the impact of cutting. Mass has a detrimental effect, a suitable distance is 0.8 mm. In addition, make sure that the height of the nozzle and the workpiece remains the same during operation.
3. Check the cutting speed, the cutting speed is proportional to the power of the fiber laser cutting machine. At the same time, the size of the laser beam after concentrating has a great influence on the quality of laser cutting.
4. Auxiliary gas is preferred, and the auxiliary gas is preferably compressed air or inert gas. If the thickness of the processed material increases or the cutting speed is slow, the air pressure should be appropriately reduced. Cutting with a lower air pressure can prevent frosting on the cutting edge.
5. Detect the laser power, the laser is the core component of the metal laser cutting machine, and the power will decrease after long-term use. In addition, the properties, size and thickness of the processed material may also affect the power of the laser cutting machine.
Single Station Laser Cutting Machine
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