Influence of Cutting Speed of Laser Cutting Machine on Cutting Quality


Influence of cutting speed of laser cutting machine on cutting quality
Cutting too fast
1. The laser beam and the material are in contact with each other for a short time, which may result in inability to cut and sparks.
2. Some areas can be cut, but some areas cannot be cut.
3. Layer the entire cut section.
4. As a result, the plate cannot be cut in time, and the cut section shows a diagonal stripe road, resulting in the lower part of the melting point.
Cutting speed is too slow
1. The interaction time between the material and the laser increases, resulting in excessive melting of the cutting plate and rough cutting parts.
2. The gap will be widened accordingly, causing excessive burning on smaller rounds or sharp corners and not getting the desired cut.
3. The cutting efficiency is low, which affects the production capacity.
How to judge cutting speed
1. Reasonable cutting speed: the cutting sparks are spread from top to bottom, the cutting surface is stable, and there is no slag in the lower part.
2. The cutting speed is too fast: the cutting spark is inclined.
3. The cutting speed is too slow: the cutting sparks have no diffusion and little, and will condense together.
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