Method to Reduce Thermal Deformation of Laser Cutting Machine


Method to reduce thermal deformation of laser cutting machine
Customers who often deal with cutting machines often encounter the problem of thermal deformation of laser cutting machines, CNC flame or plasma cutting machines, regardless of CNC flame cutting or plasma cutting, because the width of the cutting edge is affected by many factors such as cutting nozzles, so whether How high is the accuracy of the equipment itself, and the accuracy of the parts cut by it is generally about ±0.5mm, which is several orders of magnitude higher than the equipment itself.
1. After controlling the temperature rise and taking a series of measures to reduce the heat source, the thermal deformation will be improved. A more effective method is to force cooling in the heat-generating part of the CNC plasma cutting machine, or heating in the low-temperature part of the machine, so that the temperature of each point of the machine is uniform, which can reduce the warpage caused by the temperature difference.
But it is very difficult to completely eliminate this problem, so the only way to reduce the effect of heat source is to control the temperature rise. Due to the left-right symmetry, the main shaft of the heated double-column mechanism hardly deforms in directions other than the vertical movement, and the movement of the vertical axis can be easily compensated by coordinate correction.
2. The heat source of thermal deformation caused by heat inside the machine tool should be separated from the main body. The thermal deformation of the shaft occurs in the vertical direction of the cutting tool. As a thermal cutting processing equipment, the CNC flame cutting machine may cause structural deformation due to temperature changes during frequent use and processing.
3. Improve the machine tool mechanism. Under the same fever condition, the machine tool mechanism also has a great influence on thermal deformation. In this structure, the distance between the center of the main shaft and the main shaft to the ground should be reduced as much as possible to reduce the total amount of thermal deformation. This minimizes the effect of thermal deformation of the spindle on the machining diameter.
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