Auxiliary Gas for Laser Cutting Machine


Auxiliary gas for laser cutting machine
1. Compressed air
Air is suitable for cutting aluminum sheets, non-metallic and galvanized steel sheets, which can reduce the oxide film to a certain extent and save costs. It is generally used when the plate is relatively thin and the cutting surface is not required. In some sheet metal cabinets, cabinets and other industries, compressed air is widely used.
2. Nitrogen
Nitrogen is an inert gas, which can prevent oxidation of the cutting end face of the product and prevent combustion during cutting. Nitrogen can be selected for products that have high requirements on the cutting end face and are exposed and do not need to be treated, such as some decorative industries, special aerospace parts, etc.
3. Oxygen
Oxygen mainly plays a role in supporting combustion, which can increase the cutting speed and thicken the thickness. Oxygen is suitable for thick plate cutting, high speed cutting and very thin plate cutting. Oxygen is often used in the structural cutting of some larger carbon steel plates and thicker carbon steel plates.
Double Station Laser Cutting Machine
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