Causes of Sawtooth when Cutting with Laser Cutting Machine


Causes of sawtooth when cutting with laser cutting machine
1. If the laser cutting machine vibrates, the products it cuts will have saw teeth. The first is the external situation of the machine, such as whether the water tank and the exhaust fan are too close to the laser cutting machine, if the distance is too close, and it is next to the machine tool, it will vibrate the machine tool when it is running, and the machine will generate noise when cutting materials. Vibration that affects the edge effect of the cut.
2. If the parallelism of the machine is not installed properly, the machine will not run smoothly, it will also vibrate during its operation, and the cut products will also have sawtooth.
3. The lens is not locked. If the lens is not locked, the lens will vibrate when the equipment is running, and the light will also vibrate when cutting. The processed product will not work well, and there will be saw teeth.
4. There is wear in the slider, and there is jitter when running on the guide rail. Therefore, when cutting materials, serrations are also generated.
5. The installation of the two guide rails in the Y direction is not parallel, it will be stuck when running, and there will be serrations when cutting.
Double Station Laser Cutting Machine
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