Components of a Waterjet Cutting Machine


Components of a water jet cutting machine
1. Ultra-high pressure water jet generator
In recent years, the intelligent application of reliable water jet cutting machines has become more and more mature and perfect. Generally speaking, only data input is required to ensure the efficiency of the water jet cutting machine system. In the process of completing the work according to the established data. The more accurate and effective features ensure the practicability of the trustworthy water jet cutting machine, and it is a system that can truly be competent for cutting work.
2. CNC machining platform
The CNC machining platform mainly uses rolling linear guides and ball screws as the transmission, and then generates motion under the control of the CNC program and the control motor to drive the cutting head to realize the cutting of straight lines and arbitrary curves. It can be said that the CNC machining platform is high-quality water. Knife cutting machine is an important part of operation and guarantee its accuracy.
3. Jet cutting head
Because the high-pressure pump can only achieve the cutting function when it passes through the jet nozzle, the size of the nozzle aperture will determine the level of pressure and the size of the flow. Moreover, the jet cutting head also has the function of gathering energy. At present, the jet cutting head has two methods: pure water cutting and abrasive cutting. The abrasive cutting head is based on the pure water cutting head with an abrasive mixing gun and Hard nozzle.
4. The reason why the high-quality water jet cutting machine has powerful functions is directly related to the above-mentioned parts. In addition, the numerical control system and cutting platform are very important components for this kind of cutting machine. This high-quality equipment can function better also requires daily maintenance of these important components.
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