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Servo Direct Drive Pump

Wititter Servo direct drive pump is a device that directly transforms electricity into hydraulic energy by a crankshaft linkage mechanism.Because the traditional conversion efficiency of the asynchronous motor is relatively low, and the power conversion of the servo motor is relatively high, so the choice of the servo permanent magnet motor greatly improves the power utilization rate of the servo Servo direct drive pump, maintain the conversion rate above 90%, the traditional supercharger into only 50%, the traditional supercharger in producing high pressure water will make the hydraulic oil continues to generate heat.Giving heat to hydraulic oil requires a lot of electricity, and cooling the consumption.

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Product Description

1. product presentation of Servo direct drive pump

WitServo direct drive pump is composed of high pressure cylinder, ceramic piston rod, high pressure seal, low pressure seal, high pressure pipeline, one-way valve, adopts dual-row water filter system (5Micron, 1micron, series), hydraulic super high pressure generator adopts assynchronous motor, and servo Servo direct drive pump adopts servo permanent magnet motor.

2. Product Parameter of Servo direct drive pump

model WT-SF
Main motor power 22KW
Maximum drainage 3.5L/min
Water pressure 0.4MPA

3. Product characteristics and application of Servo direct drive pump

The crankshaft drive system adopts a three-cylinder crankshaft linkage structure

Overpressure automatic shutdown and underpressure automatic protection function

Fully automatic servo control system

Output pressure control mode with intelligent start and stop function

4. Product details of Servo direct drive pump

The traditional hydraulic system is still kept rotating in the asynchronous motor in the no-cutting state of the water knife (such as the knife head movement, replacing the cutting material, etc.), and the oil pump is still in the working state. Although the oil pump pressure is not high at this time, there is still a lot of electricity in the loss. The Witt Servo direct drive pump can completely prevent this situation.The booster pump adopts the working principle of full servo. Only in the state of high pressure water output at the cutting knife head, can the servo motor work to avoid the energy consumption of the original booster pump in the non-cut state and achieve the energy saving effect.

5. Product qualification of Servo direct drive pump

CE and ISO: 9001 certification

6. Delivery, transportation, and service of Servo direct drive pump

Witt is responsible for the product packaging and delivered to the designated port according to the customer requirements, and the staff of Witt customer service department will provide you with the most timely telephone maintenance support and technical questions.

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