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Three-axis Waterjet Cutting Machine

Kunshan nine feng cutting equipment co., LTD., is a professional production of water knife cutting equipment manufacturer, its production of Three-axis Waterjet Cutting Machine is divided into water knife glass cutter, water knife steel cutter, water knife ceramic cutter, water knife carbon fiber cutting machine, water knife plastic foam cutter, etc., can cut metal and non-metallic materials.

What are the advantages of the Witt Three-axis Waterjet Cutting Machine? First of all, there is a solid and reliable bed body design, according to the cutting needs of the cantilever type and gantry type, the carefully designed structure is strong and stable with higher strength, the main components choose the international brand, reliable work.The second is the local details leading the industry, durable brand drag chain movement is flexible, using high-quality sensors.Provide reliable soft limit for machine tools and guarantee safety.Finally, the new scheme is carefully created. The machine tool guide rail adopts professional protection and can be waterproof and sand prevention, and the international high-quality wire and guide rail are used to ensure the high precision of parts processing, transmission balance, and durable.

Witt Three-axis Waterjet Cutting Machines are widely used in glass, steel, ceramics, carbon fiber, plastic, foam, as well as food cutting.
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