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Water Jet Cleaning Machine

Water jet cleaning machine adopts ultra-high pressure water jet cleaning technology is a high-tech technology developed internationally in recent years, which mainly uses the kinetic energy of high-speed water jet to remove the surface stubborn scale.

Water jet cleaning machine is water as medium, driving high flow high pressure pump, water pressure through motor or diesel unit, water pressure to 40,000 p s i (280Mpa), and then injection through a single gem or multiple gem nozzle, nozzle is driven by oil pressure or air pressure, forming multi-beam, multi-angle, different strength rotating water jet, ultra high pressure cleaning to clean the surface, equipment dirt and attachments and blockage.

Water jet cleaning machine is widely used in the power plant partition static leaf cleaning, coil heat exchanger cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning, gas pipeline cleaning, high school pressure rotor cleaning, ship cleaning.
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